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  • The construction of the chapel in Sebroe (Cameroon) Father Lukasz Biecek requests for help with the construction of the chapel in Sebroe, which belongs to the Mission in Bibemi (Northen part of Cameroon). The old one was built in a poor way and unfortunately broke down. At the current moment it is made of bricks and has to be covered with sheet metal. Fr. Lukash asks for your investments in purchasing items for the completion of repairing the ... dodano: 16 grudnia 2017 czytano: 192 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 2 226.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 2 226.00 PLN
  • Retreats for children in Ukraine Every year we organize retreats for children in Ukraine. Encampment lasts 10 days. Approximate cost for one child is 300 PLN. In 2017 we want to organize holidays for 300 children. Total cost is around 91500 PLN. Most children live in poor families. They can pay 30% of the cost, while other 30% will be paid by the parish. We can help them have wonderful Christian holidays. The missing amount is ... dodano: 7 listopada 2017 czytano: 176 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 2 490.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 2 490.00 PLN
  • Solar panels for Bibemi mission Father Ludwik Strychek, who actually takes part in the mission in Bibemi (Northen Cameroon) requests for help in purchasing the solar energysystem. The Bibemi mission is divided into the 4 sectors, which are visited several days a week. Sector Paderme is situated on the border with Chad. The distance from Bibemi to Paderme is 42 km. There is a small building in which different meetings and ... dodano: 16 grudnia 2017 czytano: 230 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 1 050.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 1 050.00 PLN
  • Financing of the roof – Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Toamasina Father Pawel Petelski requests for additional financing for the roof – a shed for the Church of st.John the Baptist in Toamasina (eastern part of Madagascar). In November of the current year it became Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy. From that moment the number of the people who come to pray not only at masses, but during the week has considerably increased. For most catholic schools, church ... dodano: 26 lutego 2018 czytano: 250 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 10 000.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 10 000.00 PLN
  • The well Befasy Befasy (not far from Morondava) is situated in that part of Madagascar, where it rains only for two months a year. Later, desert conditions prevail. There is only one pump there which is used by 800 inhabitants of that place. Water to the Mission and to school is brought using 20 liter bottles. Owing to a water pump children will be able to have water particular at their school. Moreover, this ... dodano: 11 sierpnia 2017 czytano: 214 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 19 887.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 19 887.00 PLN
  • Rice to Madagascar for 30 seminarists In our Oblate Seminary in Fianarantsoa (Madagascar) there are 30 Malagasy seminarists. Eight people work in their house – Fathers and Brothers. Every year they need to collect money for food. In Madagascar the most important ingredient is rice. If you support this project you can help educate young priests who will help in the local Church and society. Madagascar is one of the poorest ... dodano: 7 listopada 2017 czytano: 194 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 2 500.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 2 500.00 PLN
  • Yought Festival Podych Żyttia in Tyvriv Oblates, for many years, have been organisisng Yought Festival Podych Żyttia in Tyvriv (300km form Kiev in Ukraine). During this event young people pray together, have lectures, sport activities, and formations. In this year Oblates from Russia (Piatigorsk) would like to come with their group. There are 8 young people and Father. They live in laic environment. That is why spending time with ... dodano: 7 listopada 2017 czytano: 234 razy
    Potrzebna kwota: 2 650.00 PLN
    Mamy już: 2 650.00 PLN
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  • Nasza nazwa LUMEN CARITATIS znaczy ŚWIATŁO MIŁOŚCI.dalej 

Stowarzyszenie LUMEN CARITATIS
ul. Ostatnia 14, 60-102 Poznań

tel.: 61 30 777 30, 791 952 703

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Od 2009 roku działamy jako organizacja pozarządowa pod nazwą Stowarzyszenie Oblacka Pomoc Misjom LUMEN CARITATIS. Obecnie siedzibą Stowarzyszenia jest miasto Poznań. Pragniemy organizować różne formy pomocy dla ludzi, którzy są powierzeni trosce Misjonarzy Oblatów Maryi Niepokalanej.
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